Combined Egg Incubator

The Combined Incubator has a development and hatching capacity starting from 84 eggs and up to 500 eggs. If you want, you can load it in one go, or it can be used as parted egg loading. The eggs, which are loaded in the development section in parts, can be hatched on the lower floors for the last 2-3 days of incubation. Thanks to this fully automatic model, you do not need anything extra.
• Combined Use - Partial Loading

• Double skin, high insulation, sandwich panel
• Double door design, 2nd door at the back for cleaning and service
• Anodized Aluminum cabinet profiles
• caster for easy movement

• Automatic Digital temperature control,
• Digital display
• Stainless Heater

• Fully automatic humidification system with humidifier,
• Digital humidity indicator,

• Automatic turning violas with a capacity of 63 eggs for each floor.
• Brood development tray options for different poultry breeds
• Panel-independent disassembly motor driver

• hatched hatching basket with a capacity of 70 eggs for each floor
• raised hatch section from the floor for optimum air distribution

• High - low temperature alarm,
• High - low humidity alarm
• Sensor alarm

• Fuse protection in all systems
• Sensorless operating mode

Operating Voltage / Energy consumption:
• 230VAC 50Hz


  • Zero risk, maximum efficiency..
  • Highest quality, Highest yield performance.
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