Pet İntensive Care Unit

Pet İntensive Care Unit

*3 Years Warranty
*Automatic Digital temperature and humidity control 0.1 Sensitivity
Effective Medication with Compressor Nebulizer Device
*Aluminum stainless case Sandwich panel body structure that saves energy compared to existing products
*Large-looking unbreakable plexiglass sight glass
* Carbon Filtered ventilation system
*Easy to clean and removable plastic base grid
*Two different lighting options (blue dim light and daylight option)
*Serum suspension apparatus Oxygen and serum inlet holes
*Alarm system in extremely low or extremely high temperature and humidity
* Humidification with 5lt capacity nen machine
*Silent operation with bearing fan
*Low electricity consumption 220v 350w with long life rod resistor (average consumption of 100w after heating)
*Fuse system that cuts the current in abnormal situations.
Illustrated User Manual.
*After sales technical support


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