Fish Incubator

Closed Body 200.000 Egg Capacity Incubator Cabinet
The water, which is purified from solid wastes and sand particles by using the filter, descends to the middle part of the round tray on the top floor and is purified from the air taps from there. The water, which reaches each area in the tray in equal amounts, overflows and drains to a lower floor and is discharged from the inner and the lowest floor. The power of the fine sieve system to escape the eggs in the trays and the grid for the size of the hatched baby fish and infertile eggs. The fish hatched from the eggs on the grill descend into the sieve section. Infertile eggs that have completed the incubation period can be separated easily as they remain on the grill.

Cabin: The body of the incubator cabinets consists of aluminum casing and environmentally friendly lead-free PVC material. All of the materials used are stainless.

Adjustable Feet: It is very important that the water in the incubator cabinets is on a scale so that it flows regularly and without dispersion. Sometimes the floor on which the machine will be placed may not be smooth. The feet mounted on the cabinet are height adjustable, thus helping to level the cabinets.

Filter System: Our Fish Incubator is equipped with a filter used to keep the solids in the water. Thanks to this filter in the tank, the water going to the cassettes containing the eggs in the cabinet is filtered and is purified from solid materials and sand particles. Thanks to a cleaner water that is filtered and filtered, the rate of fish hatching increases even more.
Air Compressor and Serum Stand: Fully meeting the oxygen needs of the eggs and hatching fish in the incubator, and most importantly, ensures the breakdown of the gases that come with the spring water. It is based on energy saving thanks to its low power consumption, high efficiency with its stable performance. Some diseases that may be encountered during incubation and the precautions to be taken for these diseases will make your job much easier in feeding the fish that come out of the egg.