Hobby Series Incubator

Hobby Series Incubator

We are the company that produces the newest model devices with the latest technology in Turkey and markets them to the whole world...

Egg Capacity: With a capacity of 42 eggs.

What Are The Features Of The Incubator?
* This machine is for egg developing and hatching
* Total loading and total hatching potential
* Digital heat control with automatic 0.1 sensitivity, Digital Moisture Meter
* Automatic turning
* Minimum electricity consumption 12V 5A 40A
* Quiet operation with bearing fan
*Insulated and PVC coated body structure
*Brood monitoring with large Observation window.

Package Included:
*Automatic egg turner compatible with all eggs.
*12v 5a Adapter.
*Battery cable.
*Exit basket.
* Water plastic water channel for humidity.
* Illustrated instruction manual


  • Zero risk, maximum efficiency..
  • Highest quality, Highest yield performance.
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