High efficiency incubator features

Within some limits the full incubator is a very sensitive machine and will be used to be eroded and studied in order to be applied as such.
Incubator, hatching rate depends on the rich. And the necessary information for this additional information is shared.
For higher information in an incubator, beforehand, for detailed information. And some basics need to be learned with the use of the incubator.
Otherwise, get 50% hatching with the world’s best incubator. A user needs to be able to procure someone who can access the incubator. For example, your room target for machine operation in winter, and your air target target. And it doesn’t matter how big the brood chamber is.
After each incubation period, the machine must have knowledge of how germs and generations are about disinfection.

Other important factors related to incubator hatching rate consist of:
Incubator insulation :
In the production of the incubator, you need to pay attention to the material used for the cabin. Because the physical conditions produced by other systems must be protected. And any uncontrolled leak will ruin everything.
Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the cabinet material when purchasing an incubator. Different materials are used in hobby and commercial incubators. And although these materials sometimes have high insulating properties, they are harmful to the chicks.
In addition, its short lifespan causes the user to suffer damage and to purchase a new incubator.

The ideal material for the incubator cabinet is ABS plastic or PVC sandwich panels. Because normal plastic loses its properties under the influence of heat and humidity. And it is possible to break or deform over time.
Metal-clad sandwich panels used for commercial incubators will deteriorate over time, as you can see in the picture below, and these rotten and rusty spots are a very suitable place for bacteria and viruses to build up.
Therefore, it is better and more convenient to use PVC sandwich panels for the cabin structure. Even if you achieve an acceptable hatch rate from an incubator with a rusty and rotten cabinet, it is possible for the chicks to become diseased or to perish suddenly a few days after hatching.
Because these materials provide a hygienic environment for hatching. And it is possible for the chicks to be sick.
In the picture below, it is recommended to pay attention to the appearance of the PVC sandwich panels. And as you can see, it is easier to clean and disinfect. And it is a very hygienic environment.

Even in 2nd hand incubators using PVC and aluminum, this is the appearance after cleaning. The formation of bacteria and microbes is not possible in such machines. And it can be cleaned extremely easily.

Incubation room conditions:
For an incubator to work correctly and without errors, it is important to have the necessary systems for the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the hatchery room or room.
The room temperature must be between 21-25 degrees Celsius. And it certainly shouldn’t be more or less. Our recommendation is to have a thermometer in the room at the same height as the incubator height. Thus, it is easier to adjust the room temperature.
Humidity varies according to climatic conditions. In other words, the humidity rate in cities near the sea is higher than in other places. And in drought areas, the humidity level is lower.
Therefore, it is recommended to consider the climatic conditions for the use of the incubator. Another issue is air circulation. And air circulation should always be provided in the incubation room. And the supply of oxygen is important.
It is also recommended that the room not be dusty and dirty. And as much as possible, it is recommended that you do not use fossil fuel-powered heaters.
Because heaters working with fossil fuels consume oxygen and cause a low level of oxygen in the room. Therefore, it is possible for the chicks that are about to develop in the incubator to perish.
NOTE : The incubator should not be in a place where it will be exposed to direct sun. And definitely do not install the incubator in the car park of your home.

Health of hatching eggs:
Sometimes there is no shortage of incubator setup and use, but the low hatching rate you get at the end of the incubation period may surprise you. This may be due to poor quality of hatching eggs. That’s why you need to be careful when buying eggs and provide fresh and healthy eggs. There is a detailed article on this subject on the Altın Incubation website.

Incubator humidification system:
Recently, different humidification systems have been used in incubators. But as experts in this sector, our advice is to buy machines with moisture generating systems.

All models produced by our company have automatic humidification. www.ayyildizkulucka.com You can visit our web page.