How Does the Incubator Work?

The incubator is designed for natural and healthy citizen like chicken, hindi poultry. They are very useful machines for those who want chicks. However, if the use of the incubator is not properly controlled. In this article, the usage type and application type in the hobby machine, how to use the incubator? We explained in detail.

Incubator Usage
Checking the incubator regularly will prevent any damage to the chicks. In particular, you should be very careful when using a hobby incubator.

Like a live animal, the incubator cannot control or heat the eggs according to its own instincts and instincts. So you have to control the incubator yourself.

The first 1-18 in the use of the incubator. day, the temperature value should be 37.8 degrees and the humidity should be 57-62%. In some information sources, rates such as 45-50 or 55-60 are stated. However, humidity is an important factor in the use of an incubator. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not exceed these rates.

The second stage in the incubator is the 18-24 day stage. In this phase, the temperature should be reduced to 37.3 degrees and the humidity should be kept between 68-73%. In this way, if there is no problem in the eggs, starting from the 19th day, 22-23. All your chicks will hatch by day one.

Now, let’s talk about the points to be considered while using the hobby type incubator. As we mentioned above, you need to pay attention to some points when using hobby incubators. We have explained the correct use of the hobby type incubator below.

Correct Use of Hobby Incubator
Manually reduce the temperature setting to 36.5 degrees and wait at the beginning. When it reaches 36.5 degrees, the heater will stop, but the temperature will continue to increase gradually.

As the temperature rises, you manually increase the temperature setting by every increasing degree. E.g; If the temperature is 36.8, you set it to 36.7. If the temperature rise has stopped, stabilize the temperature setting at 37.8 by gradually equalizing.

The machine will operate between 37.8-38 degrees. This 0.2 degree ratio does not cause any problems. Therefore, do not be alarmed.

Now, how to use the incubator, how to separate the humidity of the incubator? Let’s explain. Next, what should you pay attention to when buying chicks? Let’s explain.

How to Use the Incubator?

In the machines, the lower water chamber is layered. Fill water to the single layer for dual layers, and to the middle layer for X-layers. Water every other day until day 18.
Then, by closing the cover, first reset your machine to its factory settings, make the temperature settings and run it. If the machine is to be started for the first time, this is usually not necessary.
After working for an average of 10 minutes, open the lid, put the automatic viol, place the eggs with the pointed parts down, and close the lid again.
The temperature and humidity will decrease. The device will run the heater until the temperature equalizes. When it reaches 37.8 degrees, the heater will turn off, but the temperature will continue to increase. (This is one of the shortcomings of hobby incubators. If this temperature continues to rise, your eggs will cook and you will have a very low number of hatches.)

Incubator Humidity Adjustment
As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, humidity is a very important factor in the incubator. So what does moisture do? Humidity is a major factor in the growth of the chick embryo, as well as facilitating the rotting of the egg shell and the hatching of the chick. If the humidity is too high, it will cause the air sac in the upper cavity of the egg to narrow and the embryo to die.

If the humidity in the incubator is low, it will cause the shell to remain hard, the chick not being able to hatch, a difficult hatching or the death of the embryo.

Another issue to be considered in the hobby type incubator is; When you fill the water tank, the humidity rate rises up to 65-70. (Weather conditions are also important). To prevent it from rising humidity; Remove one of the air cover on the cover and place it open according to the humidity rate. If the humidity is still high, take a break. If your incubator does not have ventilation, we strongly recommend that you replace it.